- UX Designer


b. 1986, HK.


I'm Murathan Biliktu, from Istanbul who currently resides in never-sleeping city Seoul, Korea. In 2019, I graduated from University with a BCS in Visual Communication Design. I’m currently available for freelance projects.

What do I do?  I'm trained in human-centered design fields. I don't prefer using our gut feelings to lead us in a design process. Process is the most important thing. Before starting the process, I identify the critical aspects of a project then optimize my work methods according to the findings. With a proper process I can design any project that is given.

What do I want? I've been observing, experimenting, testing and writing about human behavior in social environments for a long time and I would love to be part of a team that studies human-based science studies/ or design.

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Other than work


I love Korea. I love 'my' Korea. I know I've experienced Korea in a much more different way than any other foreigner friends that I've made. That's why I say 'my Korea'.

*(I have no sympathy for any governments or countries.)


I had two cats called Jindo and Kaos. They live in my lovely neighborhood, Gyeongui Line Forest Park, with the foods that my neighbors give.


Met with many great people but most importantly I had great neighbors. Randomness made us friends. I said "hello" and boom we hang out for almost 3 months every single day :)

This soju is my first soju with my neighbors.


My Companion Sony Walkman with Night Tempo sticker on it. :)


I'm currently a big City-pop and Future Funk fan*. Listening to them under the neon city lights is my greatest fantasy(lol).

High Buildings,High Life.