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Project Description:

A travel app specifically designed for iPhone X.

Project Type:




Trips is an app that you can organise your trips and also have some great informations that you wouldn't see on Wikipedia


We as humans are fascinated by stories since the beginning of the humankind.    Storytelling is a method that we use to design our products. It makes problems, easy to understand and makes the process faster.

In this app, I implemented a feature called Stories. With this feature people can share what they've experienced in the cities they've been, and this way people who never been there will be more informed about what they are about to experience.


Sharing information is the key to growth.

Take me as a traveller, I've travelled to Seoul in Summer 2017 and I can ensure you that I've experienced things that an ordinary tourist couldn't experience. I've searched for them and I've made those circumstances to find me easier by allowing randomness into my life. That's how I've experienced differently by my other foreign friends that I've met in Seoul and by using Stories I could help other travelers who would like to experience a little more than just seeing Historical cites or going to popular places. This is why it's an important feature of Trips.

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.
— Lao Tzu

Let's talk about how can we make use of Trips other than Stories. Trips uses an AI system to personalize your travel plan and to recommend you places and attractions for your personal taste. You can also get information about the place that you are visiting and what to do there and how to use transport as efficient as possible. You can also use trips to find hotels or lodging places for your budget.


The Design System:


The design system I've made for this particular application is the basis of MBC Design System that I'm using for most of my works.Logic is simple; we have profile titles with tabs,list-like cards,vertical and horizontal aligned cards to give us quick summary of hotels, attractions and stories.  




Cards are the summary tabs that gives us a preview before we click on them.


Profile Titles:


These are the Title and description variants for three different situation:

  • First one is for Every city profile except informative profile
  • Second variation is for Informative profile that contains lodging information, information about the city and Transportation info etc.
  • Third one is for Hotel Profiles

Elements in real-life use:


If you watch the prototype video you can see how are these screens interacting.


Here's the Prototype: