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About Me

Murathan here! I born in 1997 and I'm currently a student.  I've been interested in the product creation for a while now, mostly technological products with screens.

In my opinion every thought is true in their own way, we don't need any conflict within a team. We are a part of a whole and every part of a whole is what makes a whole. This is my basic philosophy about a team environment.

Even though I don't have any work experience I did designs for some companies and I always try to think further the visuals.I understand that the visuals are just a part of a whole product experience. But the companies that I've worked with never had the time or the money for a big-scaled design solutions. So it was hard for me to practice those disciplines.This is why I'm redesigning some brands as my personal projects.

I would love to be a part of your team!

I'm trying to learn about myself and human-being, since My brain started to be capable of thinking. I'm a curious person and I don't easily believe to things that I encounter with.


I'm pretty good at Sketch, I even do illustrations only using Sketch. I'm capable of integrating design languages to Sketch so we don't waste time creating new pixels or rearranging every pixel again and again.

I'm good at Illustrator I can create clean vector elements, illustrations and icons.

I  use Protopie as my main prototyping tool and I'm capable of doing almost anything you would like to see from a prototype. I can create usable prototypes that can function as the final product.

I also can prototype with Flinto and Invision.

I'm at a normal level at Photoshop.



Yeditepe University - Visual Communication Design (2015-2019)

The school is just a waste of time... I tried to find answers to not let it waste my time but It's beyond my capabilities to reason with that. Hopefully I will grow and design my way out of that condition. :) 

Work Experience

I work as a freelancer.


You can find my portfolio by visiting: murathan.co or dribbble.com/murathan