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MBC Fiji

MBC Fiji - United Design Language


The Core Philosophy:

It’s 'the united design language', it’s not the uniformed design language. We support progressiveness more than replicating the ‘roots’(the original elements).  Languages evolve, it can borrow words from the others as well and if you want to express your thought but if you don't have the word you don't shut up, you create the word that you need. 



Finely aligned letters and a blue stroke that’s a part of the letters yet it’s different from them. Logo represents the core philosophy of Fiji. Be with the others, but never forget to be yourself.



The basic color scheme for Fiji. As I mentioned just a moment ago, you are free to evolve from it.



Fields are like blank papers. You put pictures, texts, titles, buttons anything you want basically. It gives you the depth illusion with the drop shadow beneath so you can have a three-dimensional space to work with.



Tourmaline color is the primary color for the button element but Fiji allows you to change colors. Thumbnail (or Picture placeholder) differs by field to field so there isn't any specific size rule to that. 



This an perfect example for elements in real-life usage. There are also icons that we can consider as an element but there is nothing to explain for icons, just try to maintain a similar look for all of your icons, because any weight or size difference may lead to illegibility. Placeholders are already placed so you can know where to put your icons.



Headbar is the secondary navigation panel that informs the user about the page that they are using with title or sometimes with using descriptions. Action labels can be added to this panel(ex:back,edit) Footbar is the main navigation bar that allows users to transfer to different pages that are essential for the application.


MBC Fiji in use examples:



It speeds up your project with already aligned elements


An example for an app that only uses MBC FIJI AND NOTHING MORE:


MBC Fiji is currently in alpha stage of development, updates will be announced when they are live.