Assisted them with Interaction Design and Developing Wireframes

Interaction Designer, UI Designer

Zypsy contacted me to assist them as a freelance designer on several projects. I mostly took part as an User Experience designer and Interaction designer, UI design wasn’t something I worked on in the most of the projects.

One of the projects I worked on was Ramen Hero's new website. I assisted them in developing an efficient checkout sequence that was both user-friendly and informative.

I thought that designing wireframes only would be easier, however it was a bit more challenging than I expected back in 2018. One of the challenging parts I remember was that to finding an impactful layout so that it allows the users to distinguish between monthly subscriptions and one-time purchase items during the checkout process. 

Another goal was to elevate the story of Ramen Hero, and I realised that ,the founder, Chef Hiro's journey could have been the perfect central focus in our storytelling.(+ Hero and Hiro rhyme) To make the about page more engaging by making the titles fun, I named the sections in the about page "The Hero, The Journey, The Ramen."

Kazsa, the lead designer, was great throughout my time with Zypsy; we communicated well, everything was straightforward and understandable, and he respected my time and decisions.

This experience taught me how to work in a remote international team environment, how I prefer direct communication and honesty, and how to establish well-organized frameworks that do not hinder our project time constraints and each team member's time.

Another project I assisted them with was "Project Livingroom," an anime streaming platform with chat functionality. I made a few interactive prototypes to demonstrate how animations and CTA actions could look.

An abstract, angular face graphic in red

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