Helped them find the best solutions for their User Experience and create beautiful, easy-to-understand presentations.

UX Designer, Graphic Designer, UI Designer

Heali is an app that finds the most nutritious foods for your specific diet. With the other two designers in my team we each had our own tasks to work on. I began by creating the UX in accordance with the UX research we conducted. Later, I started working on ways to find the best possible UI solutions for the app. 

I even worked on designing from scratch a web-based version of the Heali app. The Heali logo was changed from its original hue, and that was the only aspect about it that I didn't like while working on the web app.

I spent much of my time at Heali conducting case studies, working on comparative research, creating mockups, and testing every combination to discover the ideal UI solution. Additionally, I produced internal presentations, decks, and executive summaries.

Even with the hardships I encountered throughout the process, I'm still grateful for having had this opportunity, which taught me about setting boundaries and having personal principles in a team environment.

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